Nigeria 2.0

Nov, 2020

A Two Weeks Vocational & Entrepreneurial Training Program for Unskilled Women, Youth and out of School Adolescence.

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What is SkillUpWeek all about?

Youth Empowerment starts when an individual is skilled on how to proffer solutions to human problems. "Train and Empower a woman and you have trained a community".

SkillUpWeek Ng 2.0 is the second edition of the Arewa Technology Hub Ng initiative and implementation partners. Our focus is on skilling up one (1) million unskilled Nigerians by the year 2030, helping them to be self-relianance and empowered to create solutions to some of the most facing challenges in the country (poverty, skills-gap, lack of quality education, diffculty in accessing funding for startups).

Our team is made up of skilled professionals who are already in the businesses, have established training centers and ready to dedicate two weeks of undivided attention to pass across knowledge and practical skills to the individuals participants and also guide them on how to monetise what they have learnt.

Why Participate?

By the end of the two weeks program, participants (women and youth) would have already identified a skill, got the basis, nortured it and afterwards continue with the implementation. Participants will also have access to our partners who will mentor them to become professionals, guide them on how to seek for startup funding from international and local investment institutions.

On the Grand finale day; Participants will have the chance to pitch their businesses to get instant feedback from experienced panel of judges and also stand the chance to get selected for funding by developmental banks. Twenty (20) bankable ideas will be selected to participate in the Grand finale day.

How does it work?

The SkillUpWeek 2020 starts with an online soft skills training for all participants from 26th Oct 2020 and ends on Oct 30th 2020.
Duration: 6pm-8pm

Participants will undergo real time hands on practical lesson according to their selected/registered skill of interest. By the end of the training each skill class will collaborate as a team to build a solution as a case study to be presented at Grand Finale/Exhibition Day.

1st Sept - 23rd Oct
12th Oct - 21st Oct
Get Training Kits
Oct 26th - 30th Oct
Join the online Soft skill platform
Nov 2nd - Nov 21st
Kick-off in class vocatioal Training
6th Nov, 13th Nov and 20th Nov
Idea Selection
(pitching demo)
7th Nov, 14th Nov and 21st Nov
Grand finale
Participants register online, gets personalised avatars, share your avatars and other flyers on all social media pages to qualify for free gift pack from our partners.
Participants send screenshot of avatar and flyers shared on social media to WhatsApp (+2348084727641) and get notified when their ADMISSION & ACCEPTANCE LETTER are ready for pick at the state coordinating office
Submit your Acceptance letter and make a payment of NGN2,800 (Note: This fee is needed to acquire practicals materials and training kits for your personal use during the training) before you can complete the registration
Pick up training packs (Entry Badge, Softskill manual (pdf), training kits access card)
(OPTIONAL): Customized SkillUpWeek Ng. T.Shirt cost NGN3000PAY HERE , Face cap cost NGN1500 PAY HERE and get yours along your training packs.

Who can participate?

  • PARTICIPANTS/TRAINEES: Everyone can participate but we focus on Women and Youth
  • IMPLEMENTING PARTNER/TRAINERS: Skilled Vocational Professionals
  • MAIN PARTNER: Social, developmental & Non-Governmental Organizations
  • VOLUNTEERS/SUPPORTS: Other Skilled Individuals as volunteers


Skill Aggregator: Remote works that requires individuals to get task done REMOTELY (from anywhere). Online task of working in a team of Digital marketers, Creative Designers, Local youth influencers. Please take note this is not a multi level marketing scheme, but a good way to monetize your network and earn from sharing this opportunities to your community.


  • Must have a mobile phone (internet enabled phone)
  • Vast social media usage (Facebook, InstaGram, Twitter, WhatsApp)
  • Good communication skill (creating digital content)
  • Renumeration

    First task probation, before you qualify to receive remuneration, that is, you work with your resources before you qualify to receive remuneration package. (register 10 participants with complete registration including payment for training kits with your phone no (080XXXXXXXX) as the AGGREGATOR CODE and qualify to be selected)

  • Internet Data
  • Complete registration of a participant earns NGN400
  • Branded T-Shirt
Register Now as aggregator

List of Skills Set

Listed below includes the 10 skills categories and 30 different skills selections;

Implementing partners